Needles and Elements
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Needles and Elements

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Free Acupuncture aimed towards treating grief from recent deaths in the Hip Hop community.

Needles and Elements is a series of community style acupuncture events dedicated to the wellness of marginalized communities surrounding music and performance arts. We aim for the emotional and physical well being of underrepresented people in the arts where accessibility and resources to holistic health care is lacking.

Needles and Elements was inspired by the myriad of deaths in the NYC Hip Hop community in 2016. These deaths occurred in those far too young, and many were due to conditions that are treatable with acupuncture. They struck the surrounding community with grief. We seek to treat the minds and bodies of those in our community, easing us back from grief and treating our bodies with care. The shock of the deaths in the entertainment industry, police brutality, broken windows policing throughout the five boroughs, and our government politics having released latent and blatant racism in our country has hit our community with high levels of stress, grief, terror, fear, and anger. Hip Hop has given strength and inspiration to so many all over the world, including myself, and I find myself able give something necessary back to Hip Hop: Acupuncture.

Needles and Elements aims to fill the gaps in education, accessibility, and holistic healthcare. There is a lack of education about acupuncture, a stigma surrounding needles, as well as a lack of inclusion in health insurances coverage. The primary aim of our first event is to treat the emotional needs of our community.

With the first death day anniversary of Malik “Phife Dawg” Taylor soon approaching the first event is aimed towards those grieving any of the recent deaths, and is open to all.

The V Spot vegetarian restaurant has been kind enough to donate snacks from their Park Slope location on 5th Ave off of Degraw, recently renamed “Robert ‘PH’ Diaz Way” as a dedication to our first events theme and to Pumpkinhead. 

Third Root sees the vision of Needles & Elements and has been generous to volunteer their space and time to treat the community. Though the event is free, donations are welcomed, 5 dollar donations suggested. 

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